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This week has been unorganized and crazy. Poor hubs had pink eye and bronchitis.  It was bad!  I spent alot of time disinfecting, keeping the kids busy and quiet and my nights were spent on the couch. You would have been on the couch too if you would have seen my hubs eyeballs.  Yikes!  I felt so bad for him! 

Home school was put on the back burner and I got some spring cleaning done.  Cleaned out the pantry, all the cabinets in my kitchen, went through all the clothes in my closet and got rid of things I really don’t wear.  I love to get rid of stuff! I like clear clean spaces and if you want to keep something in my house you better let me know because most likely if I see you haven’t used it in a while its going. 

Bens Tourrettes is going well.  His last tick was jaw clenching.  That one hurt us both because every time he did it, I wanted to do it to.  I am bad about clenching my jaw in my sleep.  So we increased his dosage and that went away and we are tick free at the moment. Yay!

Jackson has had a few unexpected meltdowns this week.  It is really hard when these happen because its like he can’t even hear you.  He just cries and screams like his little heart is broken, sometimes punching himself in the leg or locking himself screaming in a closet.  He gets even more frustrated because he doesn’t like feeling like that and can’t make it stop.  It breaks my heart.  I just try to be patient and be there to hold him in my arms once he can focus again.  Really, without that and his sensitivity to sounds, touch and strangers  you would never know that Jackson has Asbhergers.  He is hilarious, super smart, wrestles constantly with his brother and makes messes just like any other kid.  I love my kiddos so much and feel blessed that I can be at home and give them the space that they need to learn and grow.

The diet this week didn’t go so well. I cheated……..alot.  Sigh……I will say that I learned how awful it makes me feel to eat poorly after eating so well.  I get tired sooooooo easily and I feel like there is poison in my body.  Probably from my body being overloaded with insulin.  So back on the diet!

So that is what is going on over at my house. What about yours?


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