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I try to think back to my life without children.  It is surprisingly difficult.  Before my children I thought about myself.  My education, my job, my health, my apartment, me, me, me.  As soon as I had my first son thinking about myself was removed drastically from the equation.  Also around the same time my husband had reconstructive jaw surgery so my thoughts were on him as well.  It was a trying time for me but I grew so much.  I found that I am much stronger than I thought.  That family is more important than what people think about you.  My husband was not able to work for a year due to the surgery so I did.  My boss always made comments about how husbands are supposed to support the wives not the other way around.  Needless to say I was not a fan of my boss and I could have cared less what she thought.  My husband and son came and visited me everyday on my lunch break and were waiting for me with hugs and kisses when I came home.  I could never have a bad day with that waiting for me.

As my boys have gotten older and their disabilities clearer I have grown a thicker skin.  People are always going to give their opinions about your child or the way you raise them.  What is important is how you react to it.  I honestly could care less what people think about the way I do things.  I just take their comments in with a sense of humor.  I know that sounds a little harsh and I don’t mean it to be.  I just know that every decision I make is not made lightly.  I discuss with my husband, ponder and pray about everything so that I can be confident always that I have done what is right.  So when someone says something that might seem insensitive I try to remember that they are coming from a place of caring when saying it and are not trying to be hurtful.  A lot of times people are just curious.

My children and my husband are my greatest gift.  They make me want to strive to do better every day.  They deserve a loving mother and wife because they give me so much of themselves.  I hope I never have to live my life without them, but take comfort that if they do leave this world before I do that I will see them again someday.  What a blessing and comfort that is.


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