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At our Stake Conference last weekend I listened to a talk that really inspired me as a mother.  The women that was giving the talk had kids that were now grown and out of the nest.  Her experiences very comforting.

She started out by telling us how when she first had her children she was not a very good mother.  That she had no idea at all what she was doing.  She finally sat down one day and thought about motherhood.  She said to her it was a job and she could either choose to do a good job at it or a bad job at it.  She chose to be good at it.  She said she got really good at cooking and cleaning and organizing things.  For a while this made her happy, until one day she realized that while her kids were having fun, she was always cleaning or organizing instead of participating.  She decided right then and there that she was going to make a change and went outside to play with her kids.  The dishes would always be there but her kids would not.

As she was sharing her story of motherhood I couldn’t help but think of mine.  When I started out I was so unprepared.  My parents were a pretty poor example of what being a parent and taking care of a home should be.  So I pretty much had to start from square one.  Luckily we lived with my husbands parents for a few years at the beginning of our marriage and I was able to learn how to keep a home nice and tidy and what being a good wife and mother were really about.

With my first child everything had to be tidy and organized.  I even had a cleaning schedule where the floors were mopped and vacuumed every week on Saturday morning.  Then baby number two came along and boy did that schedule go out the window with a quickness.  At first it stressed me out because I wanted my house to be perfect for my husband and children.  What baby number two taught me though was to relax a little and just enjoy the moments with my family.  Even tonight as I am typing this there are dishes in my sink and clothes in the dryer that need to be folded but dang it I just bought a Price Is Right Wii game and I would much rather play that with my family then do dishes and fold clothes.  I think it is time well spent don’t you?

Being a mom is hard work.  Do your best and cut yourself some slack.  Enjoy your life and your children and your spouse.  You never know when they might not be around anymore.  One day your kids are going to grow up and leave.  What do you want them to look back and remember? Mom in the kitchen doing dishes or mom taking the time to read to them.


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