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My sweet friend Suzanne treated me and some of the girls to see Les Misarables.  I will be honest, going into it I wasn’t hugely excited.  Musicals don’t really interest me but she had seen this movie twice allready and that means it must be good so I was there!  I am so happy that I went.  It was such a good movie! 

What really touched me was the change in the character Jon Valjean.  How even after serving 19 years for stealing bread for his sisters son so that he wouldn’t starve he was able to turn his life around and how he used it to help others in need. 

I find that when times are tough, serving others makes your problems seem alot smaller.  I highly reccommend it.  Watching Les Mis reminded me of that.  Even the smallest act of kindness could change a life forever. 

When I was little I lived with my grandmother for less than a year.  That small amount of time that I was with her changed my life forever.  It showed me what normal looked like and that if I worked hard I could accomplish alot.  I have carried that lesson with me my entire life. Even when I went back to living with crazy.

So take a lesson from Les Miserables and reach out and help someone.  It doesn’t have to be big. Even a smile goes a long way. 


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