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Happy Monday everyone! Boy do I have a ton to do this week. But before I get into that I will fill you in on what I got done over the weekend.

Saturday morning I got up and started my garden!!!! I am so excited!  My father in law has been encouraging me to do this for a few years now and even brought me two tires, a raised bed and some chicken manure to do so. 

I know, tires? Yep! Last summer my father in law grew cantaloupes and watermelons in tires filled with soil and it was the best they have ever grown.  I was told that it was because when you water them it is contained better in the tire so they absorb more. Who knew?  So I am giving it a try.

Now the chicken manure, which my kids thought was disgusting, was to mix with the horrible clay soil I have in my back yard.  Thank goodness it had rained a few days before or I would have never been able to dig into it.

So garden is planted and done. In tire 1 we have carrots, tire 2 is onions and in the raised bed we have broccoli and lettuce.  Wish me luck!

After all of the planting we took Jackson to a Mardi Gras parade.  I was a little worried about how he would handle all of the noise with his sensory issues, but he did just fine.  Actually he was so incredibly happy.  Every bead he caught was such a victory for him.  He treasured them so much he wore some of the to church Sunday.  I couldn’t say no.

Sunday was great. It was fast and testimony Sunday at our church which is my favorite.  I always get super shy and talk myself out of doing it but Jackson looked at me and said he wanted to so there ya go!  He was so precious bearing his testimony of Jesus Christ and how he knows that he loves us and how much he loves him.  When he was done he unexpectadly jumped into my arms to be held while I bore my testimony.  Keep in mind he is 6 and very tall. When I got back to my seat my husband was laughing and saying, “he covered almost all of you!” 

Sunday night a group of our friends got together to have a Super Bowl party!  It was so much fun!  The kids were great and had such a good time playing with their friends.  The guys watched the game and us girls talked about how we were missing Downton Abbey and were making plans to get together and watch it later that week. 

So all in all it was a great weekend! Now this week, I am going to start cleaning out my house.  See, I cannot stand clutter.  It makes me itch.  When I watch the show horders I immediatly have to clean something after.  Does this mean my house is spotless all the time? No. My second son cured me of that.  We used to call him the destroyer.  But I am finding that I have alot of things sitting around that I haven’t used in awhile so I want to get rid of it.  It makes keeping my house clean alot easier when there is less to clean up.  Also, I am mentally preparing myself for the Color Run this weekend!!!!  Actually on my end there will not be alot of running, but I am finding out that I am not the only one, so there!  Basically it is just another excuse to hang out with my friends.  Oh and the hubs is coming to take pictures!!! I am so excited!

How did your weekend go? Whats your plans for this week?

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